Peter -- great thinking, well articulated. The PDB gobbles up sooo much bandwidth.

The answer lies in automation and HMT. A common base of knowledge that serves everyone...with layered specialty products derived from that base (e.g. "If this was helpful, please see the product from two months ago on a related topic..."). Extended products can continually updated when the data ecosystem discovers more/new. The major news outlets...and their (reluctant) transition to on-line news is a great use-case to study. Thanks for the great insights!

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Thank you General Groen. This kind of thinking is controversial as you know, but something has to change. Different decision makers need to different kinds of information.

I always think about the August 6th PDB about Bin Laden Determined to Strike in US. The president almost certainly needed to hear that. But for the people below who needed to ensure Bin Laden would not succeed, that kind of top line was not particularly relevant. They needed grittier details. It's easy to think of other potential examples in today's context.

The approach you describe would make it much easier to provide the right kind of support to the right decision makers at the right time across a wider range of decision makers.

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